Essential books to give to the book lover in your life

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Love languages are how we give and receive love. There are five general ways that humans express love to one another: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. People communicate love in different ways. For me, giving quality gifts is one of my love languages.

Giving gifts is not only about the monetary value of the gift. It allows for showing a visual symbol of love. It is more so the thought behind the gift. Sometimes when I am out, I see the perfect thing for someone and I just know they will love it…

Use these apps to stay on track and perform at your highest every single day

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Last November, I saw a decline in my output at work, and my productivity was lacking. Every task was dragging and I couldn’t even get started on projects.

We all eventually hit burnout periods. Once you work so hard for so long, you eventually get completely exhausted. Every task feels daunting, and concentration and creativity are non-existent.

Once you reach this point, it takes some work to get back on track. I took a much-needed vacation over the winter holiday and came back fired up and ready to kill it once again. …

A few simple tips you can use to lose weight without following any fad diets

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Losing weight is hard. Cutting out your favorite foods and drinks, giving up the couch potato lifestyle, and eating out less frequently sucks. But that’s what I did for the past two weeks.

I watched my mom struggle with diabetes and heart issues for most of my life. Now I am watching my health spiral as I sit on the line between pre-diabetic and diabetic. Which direction it tips is up to me.

You don’t have time to exercise, right? It’s all about carving out time in your already existent schedule. I am going to walk you through the various…

A daily schedule and a few tips to maximize your productivity at home

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Staying productive while working from home can be an enormous challenge. I have been working from home three days per week for pretty much all of my last 2.5 years at my current company. When the pandemic started, this turned into 5 days per week.

It can be very easy to lose focus and motivation when you don’t have someone watching over your every move. But most managers will tell you they don’t pay for a butt in a chair. They pay for your output and productivity. …

These resources will make sure you won’t go broke funding your most expensive yet rewarding hobby

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Any way you slice it, books are expensive. There are more expensive hobbies sure but when you are on a budget, splurging on a new book can bring some serious guilt.

Often, we don’t even re-read our books so we could end up spending hundreds or even thousands per year on books that get read once, and then go to our bookshelves to die. Book hoarding is an expensive hobby.

There is nothing wrong with collecting books. We can find joy in curating and building a home library. …

It helped save my job, get my finances in order, and helped me set realistic goals.

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During the pandemic and isolation, I got even more depressed than normal. This was a common problem for many people this year. I was missing meetings left and right.

My manager even put me on a performance improvement plan. These plans are often used to fire people. That was the road I was going down, and I didn’t much care. But my manager saw something in me and he wanted me to improve and succeed.

So I started therapy in January and started working with my therapist on establishing goals. I wanted to save my career. …

“The Four Winds” — A historical fiction tale set during America’s darkest time, the Dust Bowl, during the Great Depression

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The Story

We first meet Elsa Wolcott in 1921. She’s a lonely twenty-five-year-old woman living at home with her parents. Elsa wants more from life. She wants to go to college to become a writer. In this time, people shunned women who wanted to educate themselves. Her parents think it’s preposterous.

One night, Elsa goes out on the town against her parents’ wishes. She meets Rafe Martinelli, and he turns her entire world upside down. Suddenly she’s being kicked out of her parent’s home, her reputation is tarnished, and she must marry Rafe.

The year is now 1934. Many Americans are jobless…

Basic tips for revamping your book collection

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Your bookshelf tells your story and lets others have a look into your soul. If your books showcase clutter, disorganization, and mess, what does that say about you? Can you even find that one book you’ve been dying to reread?

One of the first things I do when I visit someone’s home is to check out their book collection. It gives me a rare glimpse into their mind, soul, and heart. What memories did they choose to showcase? Who are they really?

A bookshelf should include books, of course, but don’t forget to add a few personal items to make…

Join me for a 2021 reading genre challenge

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In 2020, I wrote about breaking genres in reading and why the concept is so important. Opening yourself up to other genres allows you to develop skills in that area to apply to your own writing. Reading various genres increases your vocabulary and allows you to process stories in that mindset.

For example, romance novels help readers to focus on connections between characters. For writers, this helps to create a more character-driven story. This is helpful in any area of writing or storytelling. Reading thrillers helps to create tension and stronger plot points. Every genre teaches us something different.

Genre Challenge


And how they can make you a better person

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Most book worms got started by picking up a book as a child. Maybe a parent read them a story at night. They envisioned their favorite story in vivid detail and with their imagination.

Children can teach us a lot about the world because they have yet to experience hurt, pain, or stress. Children view the world differently than you or I. They find happiness in the little things, constantly fill their time with activities that make them happy and are dreamers.

Children know how to find the little joys in life. They live in the moment and don’t worry…

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