Join me for a 2021 reading genre challenge

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In 2020, I wrote about breaking genres in reading and why the concept is so important. Opening yourself up to other genres allows you to develop skills in that area to apply to your own writing. Reading various genres increases your vocabulary and allows you to process stories in that mindset.

For example, romance novels help readers to focus on connections between characters. For writers, this helps to create a more character-driven story. This is helpful in any area of writing or storytelling. Reading thrillers helps to create tension and stronger plot points. Every genre teaches us something different.

Genre Challenge


And how they can make you a better person

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Most book worms got started by picking up a book as a child. Maybe a parent read them a story at night. They envisioned their favorite story in vivid detail and with their imagination.

Children can teach us a lot about the world because they have yet to experience hurt, pain, or stress. Children view the world differently than you or I. They find happiness in the little things, constantly fill their time with activities that make them happy and are dreamers.

Children know how to find the little joys in life. They live in the moment and don’t worry…

How nostalgia changes our memories of media

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A few weeks ago, during Halloween, a friend shared a post about the movie and book IT by Stephen King. There is a big debate on whether the original movie from 1990 was better or if the 2017 version was better.

IT is a movie and book about a bloodthirsty clown that preys on children every twenty-seven years. In the movie, there are seven kids that must face the shape-shifting evil clown that dwells in the sewer. They band together to take on Pennywise the evil clown.

When comparing the two movies side by side, the 2017 movie is going…

An ancient philosophy dilemma reveals how far one woman will go to save her own child

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I just finished The Chain by Adrian McKinty. It is a thought-provoking story about an organization that takes advantage of families. Members choose victims to carry on the chain after being victims themselves.

The masterminds behind The Chain take advantage of familial ties to ransom money. The masterminds behind it all convince victims that the chain can never break and no one will catch them. Members of The Chain live in fear because it can always come back for them.

The story includes various themes. These include abuse, fear, mental health, PTSD, cancer, dedication, and love. The main characters have…

And how you can start retaining more from what you read

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Often, when I’m reading a book straight through, I catch myself getting so caught up in what’s next. I forget to appreciate the words in front of me. This happens to us through life too. We are often too busy planning tomorrow that we forget to enjoy today.

Many successful billionaires will tell you they spend their days reading. The secret to success is reading more. To achieve success, we must understand the information. Information only becomes knowledge once we gain meaning from it.

Reading Speed

Yes, reading more books is great. But put emphasis on the actual content. What you remember…

Less pay, longer hours, more lessons

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I started my first job at eighteen during my senior year of high school. It was at a small grocery store. Over the years, I had worked in a call center and at various retail locations.

I cashiered to put myself through college. You appreciate things more when you work for them. I came from a poor family. So, I learned how significant a hard-earned dollar is.

Customer service taught me the harsh, valuable lessons I needed to pick up to become a functioning adult. …

Spooktober — 2020 Entry. The 80s slasher short story you need to read this spooky season

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Spooky season is upon us, but it looks different this year. The weather is growing colder and we can experience that crisp Fall breeze at last. What better way to partake in the seasonal festivities than to read a chilling book?

Horror is a staple for October. You need to create a special atmosphere to enjoy a spooky night. Shut off the lights and light a candle. Make yourself a toasty hot chocolate and find a comfy blanket.

I was researching ideas for a good spooky tale. I happened across a short story called ‘Cirque Berserk’ written by Jessica Guess…

The secret is taking a nap

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How are we supposed to actually do our jobs when the whole world sucks right now? I have had to block myself from accessing social media during the week from 9–5 because I cannot get anything done. I know I am not alone.

Every post is politically-charged, about coronavirus, or is killing or vibe. Sometimes, it takes me hours to get motivated to do my work. It’s so exhausting and shameful.

Politics get me heated and upset. Every day I think to myself that Donald Trump couldn’t get much worse and then wow he…

And why you need to check them out

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The first article I wrote when I joined Medium this month, was about how I did a book genre challenge. I wrote about the importance of reading books from every genre.

In this challenge, a few books found me this year. I never would have picked up these books. I challenged myself to do something different outside of my typical comfort zone.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite books from the challenge with you and show you why I enjoyed them. I enjoyed this challenge and intend to challenge myself once again in 2021. …

In order to take care of others, you need to take care of yourself

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Do you practice self-care? How do you take care of yourself? We become so focused on caring for others that we often neglect our own care. Some aspects of self-care can feel like a chore. Believe me, I neglect myself sometimes too.

What is self-care? Self-care includes activities that make you happy and help you relieve stress. This includes putting away the devices, reflecting, expressing your feelings, and unwinding.

Don’t think of practicing self-care as a selfish activity. We all need time to rest and recharge. To be there for other people, we need to be there for ourselves first.

Types of self-care

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